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Adventure Cycling - Your Service Experts!

We're always happy to help!

We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to get overhauled for riding to work, your custom dream machine that needs a basic tune-up for that upcoming ride, or just about anything else, simply bring your machine by and we'll get it running right again. When we give your bike the once over, we look for things like: Are your spokes True?, Are the bearings greased, Are there any cracks in your rims or frame? At Adventure Cycling, we believe in individualized personal service.

Stop by and we'll take care of your cycling and service needs!

Need A Car Rack?

Are you in need of transporting both you and your bike to your ride? You take care of the vechicle, we'll take care of the car rack! Whether you need a roof mounted carrier, hitch mount, spare wheel mount or anyting in between, we can help you. Oh, you drive a truck? No problem. We've got that covered too with a truck bed carrier. No matter your need, Adventure Cycling & Fitness is your Bicycle Rack Headquarters!

#BearWitness to Trek's Newest Releases!

In mountain biking's heyday, Procaliber was the envy of all other race bikes. Now it's back to rule the XC circuit once again, redefining the term "hardtail" and setting the bar for speed and smarts.

Madone is the ultimate fusion of power, aerodynamics, ride quality, and integration. There are no two ways about it: the first true superbike is a marvel of road bike engineering.

The bike that ruled the podium at the height of mountain bike racing is back to reclaim the top step. Refined and reinvigorated with new technology, Top Fuel is the fastest bike on the trail.

Stop by Adventure Cycling and check out all of our Trek bikes! Our expert sales team will help you choose the perfect bike and size for your riding style.

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